Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Soon to Be His (& Hers) Karli's Wedding Collection

When one of my very best friends from home in WI called me to tell me she was engaged I'm pretty sure I squealed and jumped up and down a little bit (ok I screamed and jumped a lot and then interrogated her for the details). :)  Growing up together we of course planned our future weddings... cut out pictures from magazines, made several "I want these" collages... saved all of the invites from weddings we went to... the usual! :)  But when it came down to it all of the things that we had "saved" for our future weddings (from when we were teenagers) no longer did the trick.  It was time for some original invites, programs,  a new and improved list of favors... those little things that people will save and stuff away to remember your special day and perhaps make their own "I want these" collages from.
Conveniently for my lovely bride-to-be I am a perfectionist and I wanted to give her exactly what she wanted for her special day.  So when we needed to tweak the colour to get the shade just right (because God knows what you see on the computer screen isn't what prints out (depending on your printer) blue could be green)! I had it covered... and I think between the two of us we produced a great line for her that was exactly what she had envisioned.

Shown below is an example of how I tied in a sweet engagement idea into the theme of her country wedding. (Photo by Jess Boesl of Boesl Portrait Design)

More from Karli's Wedding Collection to come soon! :)

Soon to be a bridesmaid!!!!!!!!! :D

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