Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Habitable Design

So getting into a little bit of the design work that I've done, here is a fun project that I did back in my days at UW Stout.  The assignment or rather the challenge was to design a living-space within a cylinder.  There had to be a place to eat sleep and entertain.  And the kicker was that we had to build the room, and draw it to scale from our model as well as draw it down to the most minuscule detail in both one and two-dimensional drawings.  Me being the nerd that I am I decided to build a squirrel house... it made sense... they live in trees... "cylinders"... and from the teacher who does not give A's I got an A-!  Oh the joy of our collegiate grading systems!  Here are a few shots that I was able to scrounge up... sadly I have not found one of the house I built... but when I do I'll make sure to add it to the post!  Enjoy my squirrel abode! ;)

Happy Wednesday!


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