Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

FL Resident WI Native

So this summer while in between careers I was able to take a mini vacation home to WI... I haven't seen green grass there since 2008... it was BEAUTIFUL.  You don't realize how important seasons are to you until you don't have them any more... (I'm super excited for my fall trip home)!  While I was at there I was able to play outside with my camera and capture a few of my favorite things in my parents yard... like the Japanese Peonies that my grandma gave my mother, & the lilac bush that has survived my father.  I find that I try to add these things into my FL life... all of the candles in my apartment are lilac scented... you just can't take all of the country out of the girl ;)  And come to find out plastic flamingos are just as popular in WI as they are in FL... they just put them in their fields! ;)

You betcha... Aye! ;)


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