Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No One Can Resist...

Oh chipmunk... you had no idea what you were getting into... poor little guy kept coming back!  Cola IS addictive! (This is a modern twist on nature photography)! ;)  Have a great week everyone!

Drink up!


Friday, September 23, 2011

Food for Thought

Yes... I am one of those people who whips out their camera at the restaurant table.  When there's a lovely plate in front of me I feel the urge to record it either for future cooking adventures or just because it was an awesome looking plate.  Here are a few delicious dishes to encourage the culinary student in all of us! :)

Food for thought,


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Soon to Be His (& Hers) Karli's Wedding Collection

When one of my very best friends from home in WI called me to tell me she was engaged I'm pretty sure I squealed and jumped up and down a little bit (ok I screamed and jumped a lot and then interrogated her for the details). :)  Growing up together we of course planned our future weddings... cut out pictures from magazines, made several "I want these" collages... saved all of the invites from weddings we went to... the usual! :)  But when it came down to it all of the things that we had "saved" for our future weddings (from when we were teenagers) no longer did the trick.  It was time for some original invites, programs,  a new and improved list of favors... those little things that people will save and stuff away to remember your special day and perhaps make their own "I want these" collages from.
Conveniently for my lovely bride-to-be I am a perfectionist and I wanted to give her exactly what she wanted for her special day.  So when we needed to tweak the colour to get the shade just right (because God knows what you see on the computer screen isn't what prints out (depending on your printer) blue could be green)! I had it covered... and I think between the two of us we produced a great line for her that was exactly what she had envisioned.

Shown below is an example of how I tied in a sweet engagement idea into the theme of her country wedding. (Photo by Jess Boesl of Boesl Portrait Design)

More from Karli's Wedding Collection to come soon! :)

Soon to be a bridesmaid!!!!!!!!! :D

Monday, September 19, 2011

Fly Away With Me

A good designer remembers to look everywhere for inspiration.  The best place being nature itself... and one of natures loveliest creations just happens to be... the butterfly.  An entire spring collection to last a lifetime.  Here are three that stuck around long enough to pose for me and show off their stunning outfits.

Lets fly, lets fly away,


Sunday, September 18, 2011

Every Girl Should Have a Castle

I never get tired of taking pictures of Cinderella's Castle at Disney World... there's a spectacular view around every corner.  What can I say... it's magical.  Whether it's sunny, raining, winter, summer... from the front, back, or side... this place is amazing.  Most are disappointed that there isn't a castle tour... (there's a reservation only restaurant on the second level that you can get into with good planning...) but you have to remember that some things just need to be left to the imagination.  Cindy lives there... would you want 70,000 people walking through your bedroom every day?  I sure wouldn't! ;)  Though there is no official tour, the castle does act as a gateway into the magical land of fantasy... and as you walk through that gateway there is a fantastic tile mural of the entire story of Cinderella.  (A fun tip for parents and kids of all ages... pick your favorite tile... this can be your magic Disney wishing tile, one wish per trip)! :)

See you real soon,


Saturday, September 17, 2011

Stop Motion Film Collection 1st Addition

This is the first installment of my Stop Motion Movie Collection!  Entitled The Teddy Bear Ballet staring my collection of dancing bears and a few other select stuffed critters.  (Each year at Christmas time my instructors (shout out to Heather & Mary!) at the En Avant School of Dance gave us each a ballerina bear).  I thought it would be fun to have them come alive to preform in their very own ballet choreographed by myself! ;)  There will be more films to come!  I hope you enjoy my bear ballet!



Thursday, September 15, 2011

Oh Canada

There are very few places in this world where I feel completely at peace and can let go of everything that's going in my life... on Canadian waters is one of those places for me.  Everything is bigger and brighter and so much more alive in the Canadian wilderness.  Here are a few pictures that I have taken over the years... enjoy my happy place!

Just breathe,


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Habitable Design

So getting into a little bit of the design work that I've done, here is a fun project that I did back in my days at UW Stout.  The assignment or rather the challenge was to design a living-space within a cylinder.  There had to be a place to eat sleep and entertain.  And the kicker was that we had to build the room, and draw it to scale from our model as well as draw it down to the most minuscule detail in both one and two-dimensional drawings.  Me being the nerd that I am I decided to build a squirrel house... it made sense... they live in trees... "cylinders"... and from the teacher who does not give A's I got an A-!  Oh the joy of our collegiate grading systems!  Here are a few shots that I was able to scrounge up... sadly I have not found one of the house I built... but when I do I'll make sure to add it to the post!  Enjoy my squirrel abode! ;)

Happy Wednesday!


Monday, September 12, 2011

Our Amy

Amy Williams stepped into my life in a great pair of stilettos... and though we are across the pond from each other we have been inseparable ever since.  It is certainly true that a great pair of shoes can change your life (Cinderella knew her stuff)!  I consider myself very lucky to have the friends that I do... especially this stunning beauty! 

I am currently taking interviews for successful handsome business men looking to marry a gorgeous Liverpudlian!!!!! ;)  Though our Skype dates are always fantastic I CANNOT wait another second to see her beautiful face!

Cheers Love (& <'s),