Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding

Monday, August 22, 2011

It's my day off... what am I doing? PINNING!!!!!!

So... after spending the last hour playing with my pins on and reorganizing them (OCD tendencies... ugh... I can't just leave things alone)! I thought to myself "Hey!  You haven't blogged in a few days (fail) you should encourage more people to get into pinning because it's addictive and you are an instigator."

So, this is my Pinterest page and yes... like in the good old days where people had manners etc. you have to be invited to play in this game.   So if I have piqued your interest leave a comment with your e-mail & I will hook you up with this social media drug.  The best thing is is you can see what your bffs are pinning and share the new fantastic things that you find with little to no effort at all.  It makes me smile... I hope it brings the same happy endorphins to you as well! :)

(I would like to send a special "thank you" to two of my bff's who got me on the Pinterest train; Amy Thibodeaux Murphree & Naomi Jose Chokr.  The two of you light up my life & feed my addictive artistic tendencies.  Thank you).

Happy Pinning!


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