Winter Wedding

Winter Wedding

Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Preview...

So... up next... the handsome Mr. Murphree & the lovely (still Miss) Amy and their Walt Disney World Engagement shoot.  My personal favorite shot of the couple (& your sneak-peak of the rest of the shoot) is of the two of them in a teacup.  They appear to be spinning (however that's a little Photoshop magic at work)!  A word to the wise... do not attempt to shoot from one teacup to another at full speed... it's much easier to shoot at a standstill and add in the effect later! ;)  More of the Future Mr & Mrs Murphree to come!

Happy Spinning!


Monday, August 22, 2011

It's my day off... what am I doing? PINNING!!!!!!

So... after spending the last hour playing with my pins on and reorganizing them (OCD tendencies... ugh... I can't just leave things alone)! I thought to myself "Hey!  You haven't blogged in a few days (fail) you should encourage more people to get into pinning because it's addictive and you are an instigator."

So, this is my Pinterest page and yes... like in the good old days where people had manners etc. you have to be invited to play in this game.   So if I have piqued your interest leave a comment with your e-mail & I will hook you up with this social media drug.  The best thing is is you can see what your bffs are pinning and share the new fantastic things that you find with little to no effort at all.  It makes me smile... I hope it brings the same happy endorphins to you as well! :)

(I would like to send a special "thank you" to two of my bff's who got me on the Pinterest train; Amy Thibodeaux Murphree & Naomi Jose Chokr.  The two of you light up my life & feed my addictive artistic tendencies.  Thank you).

Happy Pinning!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Little Green Goes a Long Way

Nature at its best... clean, crisp, and vibrant.  I love photographing nature right after a rain storm... it's like catching a performer in her dressing room just before she goes on stage... her jewelry capturing the bright mirror lights... perfection.  This is one of my favorite shots that will eventually be framed and on my wall. 

Just singing in the rain,

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My First Official Blog Post!

So... I have never been a "blogger"... this is a new experience for me! :)  I've wanted to get back into the Photography/Design world for quite some time and perhaps this is the "new" and best way to do it. :)  So... here goes!

I have always loved photography... I've been taking "too many" pictures for a very long time.  I am the friend at the party or the gathering with the camera... or two...ok sometimes three... in tow (in case the battery ran out on one) ready to capture every moment.  Thank goodness for digital photography or I may have become a hoarder! ;)

As much as I love to take pictures I love to edit them.  Adobe Photoshop has rocked my world since 2005 when the UW Stout Design program crammed it and the rest of  the Creative Suite into my life in one semester... gotta love education!  I know my friends with their flawless Facebook pictures do! ;)  
( I would never let you guys look nothing but your best!)

Then there is design... what an amazing thing!  To make what IS the best IT can be... or to make it even better!  There is ALWAYS a way to tweak something just a bit to make it more than good... to make it fantastic!  A logo... an invitation... an advertisement... whatever it may be.  If you want it to impress and inspire I'm your girl!

So, in conclusion... (of my first blog ever! yeah!) I am dedicating this blog to the things that I like enough I can't keep to myself... I hope you enjoy what I have to share!  Happy viewing!

love always,